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Merger agreement signed with Opielok Offshore Carriers (OOC)

Marlow Navigation and Opielok Offshore Carriers (OOC) sign merger agreement.

On the 28th of June 2021, OOC and the Marlow Group signed an agreement in which Marlow takes over Opielok’s shares.

Talks started in late 2020 have now reached a successful closure. The key focus and main driver behind the merging of the two brands is to retain well tested and proven qualities, whilst at the same time streamline processes and benefit from economies of scale which will result in improved customer services.

OOC, a company active in the offshore industry for over 20 years, and Marlow, providers of crew and ship-management services for almost 40 years, decided to combine their strengths. From day one, the complete OOC team, the nucleus of the new company operating out of Marlow’s Hamburg office, ensure the high standards necessary to satisfy the demands of the highly regulated offshore industry.

The company, named Marlow Offshore Germany, will continue to offer technical and crew management in the offshore and renewables market, and thus strengthen Marlow’s footprint in this sector. OOC’s know-how in combination with the Marlow Group’s world-wide network will lead to a lean offshore management company embedded in a solid global framework.

For existing and future clients, this merger translates into a personal, flexible approach to their requirements fused with the additional advantage of a large well-structured Shipmanagement company able to provide and supply any services anywhere. Marlow’s existing offshore activities paired with OOC’s expertise will result in new synergies and areas of growth.


Marlow Navigation 

Alexandrias 13 

3013 Limassol, Cyprus

Telephone: +357 25 882588

Marlow Offshore Germany

Breite Strasse 61

22767 Hamburg, Germany

Telephone: +49 40 38087 4300

Marlow Offshore Netherlands

Oever 5

3161 GR Rhoon, Netherlands

Telephone: +31 85 4896920







About Marlow Offshore

Facilitating an ever-growing need for global energy. Dedicated management services by Marlow Navigation, geared towards the specialised offshore sector. Marlow Offshore adopts flexible, tailor-made solutions of the highest standards, so you can always rest assured you receive what you need, when you need it!

With industry experience spanning since the early 90s, Marlow Offshore has grown to provide holistic worldwide services from offices in Germany and The Netherlands. Today, over 500 offshore experts are onboard at any given time, serving multinational clients.

A single point of contact for all things offshore. Complete solutions include offshore Ship and Crew Management in addition to Project-Specific supervision. Partnering educational institutions help clients upgrade their crew to an OPITO certified workforce. Marlow Offshore consolidates all previous offshore-related operations from within the group and beyond.

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Marlow Offshore Cyprus

Alexandrias 13, 3013 Limassol, Cyprus

Tel.: +357 25 882588

Marlow Offshore Germany

Breite Strasse 61, 22767 Hamburg, Germany

Tel.: +49 40 38087 4300

Marlow Offshore Netherlands

Oever 5, 3161 GR Rhoon, Netherlands

Tel.: +31 85 4896920

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